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Salome-Front Cover

~Coming 2025~


Servant Siblings Series, Book 7

Bravery may cost her everything.

Salome bat Joseph always had a hard time speaking up for herself. Being the youngest of eight siblings meant she had to fight to be heard; a battle she often didn’t attempt.

Fatherless soon after birth, she was raised by her oldest brother Jesus. His strong workman’s arms and gentle corrective voice were the only fatherly ones she’d known.

When he revealed himself as the Messiah she longed for, Salome naturally bends to follow him. With his strength, she learns to use her voice for change.

As the Pharisees commission one of their own to hunt Way Followers, Salome speaks out against him. Her words and actions land her in a Roman jail cell.

Can her words secure her release or will they seal her fate?

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