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~coming 10.11.24~


Servant Siblings Series, Book 6

What will peace cost?

Simon wanted nothing more than for his dagger to taste Roman blood. With his father’s untimely death and a house full of siblings, his plans to join the rebellion against Rome were traded for endless days of hard labor.

When his older brother, Jesus, began teaching extremist ideas, Simon’s hopes for the removal of Rome and the establishment of a true nation of Israel were sparked once again. Simon would have been happy to follow Jesus as a warrior-king like their ancestor, but his brother chose the path of martyrdom.

Discontent with his Messiah-brother’s sacrifice, Simon disappeared to join the Zealots and fight for the freedom promised to the chosen people. 

While entrenched in the tactics of zealous warfare, Simon discovers that fighting for peace may cost him more than he’s willing to pay. Will he shed innocent blood to bring down Rome?   

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