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An ARC Team is a group of devoted readers who get a new release BEFORE it is available to the public. In exchange for the free book, all that's required is to leave an honest review on your favorite retailer (Amazon, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, etc.) or your favorite bookish website (GoodReads, BookBub, etc.). That's all! You get a book, you leave a review. Everyone wins!   

It's easy! When a new Jenifer Jennings book is ready for the ARC Team, you'll receive an email with a link to download the ARC (usually two weeks before the release date) and the expected publication date and review deadline (typically within four days of publication date). 

If you choose to read the book, and feel that you can review it by the deadline, download your ARC from the link provided. When the book is published, you'll receive an email with the link to the book on Amazon, BookBub & Goodreads. Your review can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but we ask that you not reveal any spoilers.

*Per Amazon's terms, as part of your review there, you'll include the words, "I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of the book." (Or something similar.)


When you’re finished reading and reviewing, you need to forward a copy of your review to to verify your participation. The rating you give the book will not have any bearing on your ARC Team status.

Everyone who follows these instructions is accepted, but we reserve the right to cut inactive members or members who consistently leave vague and/or short 1-2 line reviews. If you receive an ARC and do not post your review or forward the link to your review, you will not be considered for an ARC on the next book. You can re-apply in the future.  

Hey, it happens. We all come across books that don't do it for us, even from our favorite authors. Your honest review is all we ask for, and all we want. Tell it like it is and leave the review you feel good about.

Don't worry about Jenifer, she has thick skin. She knows all books and all people are different, and she doesn't expect you to like every book. 

Think about it this way - if there's something in a book you don't like, odds are another reader will feel the same way. Often, pointing out those issues doesn't turn other readers away from the book, it just gives them a better idea of what they should expect. That makes the reading experience better for everyone. Of course, if there are things you love, don't hold back in sharing them. 

At the end of the day, an honest review is better than no review at all. 

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