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Servant Siblings Series, Book 5

Which will conquer, forgiveness or revenge?

Lydia wanted to flee her cramped family home to seek new paths in the wide world, but tradition and family expectations kept her shackled to her position.

When her oldest brother’s radical teachings and unbelievable miracles convinced her that Jesus was Messiah, Lydia traded her life of serving herself for one in the service of others.

While helping new converts in Jerusalem, she fell in love with another servant. A man named Stephen quickly won her heart and her hand with his bright eyes and humble spirit.

Before their vows could be completed, local Pharisees murdered her betrothed. Claiming their religious right to justice, they escaped charges of his death. His innocent blood marked their already-stained hands. With her partner in life and in service stolen from her, Lydia is left wondering what path to follow.

Will she hold to the Way and what her brother taught about forgiveness or will she turn away from everything to seek justice for her beloved?

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