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The Journey

The Rebekah Series, Book 2

A woman on a dangerous journey. A man waiting for his betrothed.

The journey ahead of Rebekah seems long, but it’s only the beginning. After agreeing to marry a man she’s never met, Rebekah must travel across the world to become his bride. Along the journey, she battles nightmares and learns about the man who waits for her. A faithful servant leads her to her destiny as Rebekah learns what kind of journey she’s really on. Will she make it to her betrothed?

Isaac has done everything his father has asked, including walking up the mountain to face certain death. The only thing he ever requested has finally been granted. His father’s most trusted servant has been sent to find a bride from the place God called their family. Now, Isaac must wait for her to arrive before his life can move forward.

Get ready to join Rebekah and Isaac as they each find themselves on a journey they didn't expect in Book 2 of The Rebekah Series, The Journey.

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