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The Hope

The Rebekah Series, Book 3

Rebekah’s boys were an answer to prayer. Now they’ve become a nightmare.

For twenty years, Rebekah prayed for her womb to be open. When the answer finally came in the form of twin boys, Rebekah’s hope was restored in the God she was learning to trust. But with their constant fighting and stark personalities, will her tent hold up under the tension of the two boys? Or will their differences drive them apart?

Jacob wanted a simple life of shepherding like his father before him. But when his mother comes up with a plan to put him ahead of his brother, he can’t resist the temptation. The result is a threat on his life. Now, he must flee from his twin brother before it’s too late. Will his uncle provide protection in the place of his mother’s birth or lead him on a path of destruction?

Follow along with Rebekah and Jacob as they both learn that hope can be a dangerous thing in Book 3 of The Rebekah Series, The Hope.

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