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Servant Siblings Series

Servant Siblings Series


Servant Siblings Series Book 1

Words have power. 

James ben Joseph struggles with his older brother’s murder. He never would have believed Jesus was a zealot, but his brother’s wild teachings drew the unwanted attention of the Pharisees. James traveled with his siblings to Jerusalem for Passover in hopes of convincing Jesus to return home and leave his foolish — and dangerous — views in his head where they belonged. 

After conflict and betrayal result in Jesus’ arrest, James is forced to turn his back on his brother to protect the rest of their family from retaliation. James believed if Jesus had stayed home, he would still be alive. Instead, Jerusalem is painted with his blood. 

With Jesus dead and buried, James hopes the effects of his outrageous claims are entombed with him. When rumors start circulating that Jesus has risen from the dead, James’ mourning is met head-on with fear of persecution. He must keep his family safe from the chaos and riots until he can find out who is spreading the dangerous gossip. 

Can James finally settle the unrest his brother’s life and death left behind so his family can leave Jerusalem in peace? Or will facing the truth change his and his siblings’ path forever? 

Servant Siblings Series


Servant Siblings Series Book 2

Can a family divided by a risen Messiah be put back together?

After Jesus’ murder, Joseph’s family split. His mother remained with his brother’s followers despite a death sentence hanging over their heads.

When his older brother claims to see Jesus alive, he wants them to stay in Jerusalem to join the disciples. Joseph wants the family to return to the safety of Nazareth. The problem is, he’s not the patriarch.

Amidst the tide of division, one of his siblings goes missing. Joseph takes it upon himself to seek the lost in order to mend his fractured family. Will he be too late?

Servant Siblings Series


Servant Siblings Series Book 3

Waiting might cost her future.

When her oldest brother’s resurrection confirmed him as Messiah, it seemed the tide had turned for Assia’s family. His departing promise to return and establish his kingdom keeps her waiting with anticipation.

As the weeks drag on, her brother’s followers and her family grow impatient. Plans to travel home bring excitement as she longs to return to her waiting betrothed. But the warnings Jesus left to stay in Jerusalem have her tender heart conflicted.

She’s waited years for her married life to begin, will she trade that path for promises left by an absent Messiah?

Servant Siblings Series


Servant Siblings Series Book 4

Can lies change the truth?

Jude ben Joseph dreamed of becoming a respected Rabbi. Born into a poor family that needed his hands more than his mind, that dream was quickly snuffed out.

After his oldest brother's death and resurrection, prophecies unravel as Jude pieces together what he has studied with what Jesus taught. When those teachings collide with Jerusalem’s religious leaders, Jude starts to see wolves hiding in sheepskins.

Will Jude’s tight grasp on religious traditions hold up under the growing weight of this new sect or will his brother’s teachings change the way he views traditions?

Servant Siblings Series


Servant Siblings Series Book 5

Which will conquer, forgiveness or revenge?

Lydia wanted to flee her cramped family home to seek new paths in the wide world, but tradition and family expectations kept her shackled to her position.

When her oldest brother’s radical teachings and unbelievable miracles convinced her that Jesus was Messiah, Lydia traded her life of serving herself for one in the service of others.

While helping new converts in Jerusalem, she fell in love with another servant. A man named Stephen quickly won her heart and her hand with his bright eyes and humble spirit.

Before their vows could be completed, local Pharisees murdered her betrothed. Claiming their religious right to justice, they escaped charges of his death. His innocent blood marked their already-stained hands. With her partner in life and in service stolen from her, Lydia is left wondering what path to follow.

Will she hold to the Way and what her brother taught about forgiveness or will she turn away from everything to seek justice for her beloved?

Servant Siblings Series

~Coming 10.11.24~


Servant Siblings Series Book 6

What will peace cost?

Simon wanted nothing more than for his dagger to taste Roman blood. With his father’s untimely death and a house full of siblings, his plans to join the rebellion against Rome were traded for endless days of hard labor.

When his older brother, Jesus, began teaching extremist ideas, Simon’s hopes for the removal of Rome and the establishment of a true nation of Israel were sparked once again. Simon would have been happy to follow Jesus as a warrior-king like their ancestor, but his brother chose the path of martyrdom.

Discontent with his Messiah-brother’s sacrifice, Simon disappeared to join the Zealots and fight for the freedom promised to the chosen people. 

While entrenched in the tactics of zealous warfare, Simon discovers that fighting for peace may cost him more than he’s willing to pay. Will he shed innocent blood to bring down Rome?   

Salome-Front Cover

~Coming 2025~


Servant Siblings Series Book 7

Bravery may cost her everything.

Salome bat Joseph always had a hard time speaking up for herself. Being the youngest of eight siblings meant she had to fight to be heard; a battle she often didn’t attempt.

Fatherless soon after birth, she was raised by her oldest brother Jesus. His strong workman’s arms and gentle corrective voice are the only ones she’d known.

When he revealed himself as the Messiah she longed for, Salome naturally bends to follow him. With his strength, she learns to use her voice for change.

As the Pharisees commission one of their own to hunt Way followers, Salome speaks out against him. Her words land her in a Roman jail cell.

Can her words secure her release or will they seal her fate?

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