Jude – Jenifer Jennings – Biblical Fiction Author


Series: Servant Siblings Series, Book 4

Can lies change the truth?

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About the Book

Jude ben Joseph dreamed of becoming a respected Rabbi. Born into a poor family that needed his hands more than his mind, that dream was quickly snuffed out.

When his oldest brother Jesus abandoned their family to become an untrained traveling teacher, Jude’s jealousy and resentment grew toward his brother.

With Jesus’ death, his ministry was finally silenced. At least that’s what Jude thought. To his dismay, followers multiply as sightings of a risen Jesus spread like wildfire.

Prophecies unravel as Jude pieces together what he has studied with what his brother taught. When those teachings collide with Jerusalem’s religious leaders, Jude starts to see wolves hiding in sheepskins.

Will Jude’s tight grasp on religious traditions hold up under the growing weight of this new sect or will his brother’s teachings change the way he views traditions?

Seek truth and spiritual insights in this fictionalized Biblical story, Jude, book 4 of the Servant Siblings series.

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