Joseph – Jenifer Jennings – Biblical Fiction Author


Series: Servant Siblings Series, Book 2

~Coming September 3, 2021~

Family is everything.


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About the Book

Joseph ben Joseph carries his late father’s name and often the family’s responsibilities on his young shoulders.

His oldest brother Jesus was entrusted with the care of their widowed mother and seven younger siblings. Upon his death at the hands of their people, that task should have transferred to their brother James. Instead, with Jesus’ dying words from a Roman cross, he handed their mother’s future over to an outsider.

The disciples’ stubborn ways and wild claims of Jesus’ resurrection cause a battle to brew between them and Joseph’s siblings. Caught in the middle, Joseph fights to restore his family’s bonds before it’s too late.

Can Joseph mend the rift between his mother and siblings or will he discover a new meaning of family?

Follow along in this in-depth fictionalized depiction of Jesus’ family in Joseph, book 2 of the Servant Siblings series.

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